Let’s get social!

I’m driving up to Charlotte tomorrow so that I can participate in The Charlotte Observer’s social media conference held at Queens University. Observer Editor Rick Thames is the keynote speaker.

I really enjoy taking part in conferences that focus on social media as a topic because they tend to practice what they preach.  They encourage the coming together of communities and the dissemination of news and information in real time.  Oftentimes, participants at these conferences will live stream, live tweet and live blog the sessions as they’re taking place.  The result, often, is a significant literature of useful information.  So, while physical participation at Saturday’s conference is limited to 200 people, the amount of persons that follow along online or discover information from the event is limitless.

On Twitter, you can follow some of the conference proceedings, as they happen, by searching for the hashtag #cltsoc.

Next weekend, I’m heading to another social media conference, SoCon10, at Kennessaw State University (not surprisingly, you can follow along on Twitter by searching for #SoCon10).

I find these conferences vastly rewarding, both personally and professionally.  At an Atlanta Press Club-sponsored social media conference last spring I met prolific online media producers Amani Channel and Grayson Daughters, among other talented Atlanta area tweeps.  I follow both on Twitter and benefit from the knowledge they share with their followers.

I learned about SoCon at an AEJMC pre-conference in Boston last fall.  At that same event, I got a free copy of Be The Media and met author David Mathison (who was able to use a Harnisch Foundation grant to send free copies of his textbook to my journalism students and also gave me a coveted Google Wave invite- thanks David!).

At the first AEJMC Tweetup, I met wonderful “tweeps” from the journalism and mass communication realm (people like Mich Sineath, Rowena Briones, and Professor Han) whom I look forward to seeing again at the next conference tweetup in Denver.

So, these conferences facilitate social interaction (both online and offline) and continued networking.

I look forward to meeting (and reconnecting with) those attending the conferences in Charlotte and Kennessaw.

Let’s get social!


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