Teaching Social Media in Journalism Lab

The topic for my journalism lab tomorrow is Social Media.  This Soundslides presentation made by one of my former JOUR3410 students, Lizzy Nephew, provides a nice overview.

A post from last summer to my Duke TIP digital media blog also provides some useful links that provide a broad overview about social media, and how journalists are using social media.  I’ll also be giving a modified version of a presentation I gave last fall, “Stories From and For ‘Followers’ and ‘Friends:’ How to Find, Report, Distribute and Promote News on Social Media Sites.”

In lab, students will be asked to start following local organizations, people and media outlets and to find an idea on Twitter that could be turned into a news article.  Later in the semester, students will be asked to put their newly acquired knowledge into action through a Social Networking Story assignment.  Students will have to use Social Media to, that’s right—find, report, distribute and promote a news story.

Below are just a few recent examples of recent tweets of how news outlets are using social media as a reporting tool.

SM as Reporting Tool


We are seeking witnesses to the Ga. Tech stabbing. Contact us at 404-526-7550 or breakingnews@ajc.com #GT


Blog post: We printed local #SOTU tweets on page 10 today. Here’s a sample http://bit.ly/ajNK7a


Any Toyota owners out there who’ve had recall problems? We’d like to hear from you. DM or breakingnews@ajc.com


Good morning! Our Daily Google Wave is live! Topic of discussion: Obama’s 1st year, and the Mass. vote today. http://bit.ly/7dAuVl


Party on! Today’s Daily Google Wave is about the Golden Globes — get on and gossip with us: http://bit.ly/4PK4IP


Twitter helps 2 journalists get their contacts: @epurser in Haiti: http://ow.ly/WVWv and @bydanielvictor in Pennsylvania: http://ow.ly/WVTM


Our Haiti Twitter list. http://bit.ly/4UEF32


RT @PostWorldNews Tweet us your ?s for Hillary #Clinton on #terrorism. John Pomfret is on her 9-day western Pacific trip & may use them.


Talk to The Times: Business reporter @MickiMaynard, who covers autos and airlines, is taking your questions. http://bit.ly/8T9djN


If you’ve got weather-related news or closings, message us. #atlsnow

In addition to the Social Networking Story assignment, students in my Lab are producing a local teen page.

Here are three examples of possible teen page stories discovered through Twitter:


More kids failing AP tests http://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2010-02-04-1Aapscores04_ST_N.htm


RT @NielsenWire: American teens use 3,146 text messages/month, over 10 mesages every hour they aren’t sleeping/in school. http://ow.ly/114Nk


@graybs13 @yogasprouts works with young kids( about 2)- teenagers.

Should be an exciting lab tomorrow!


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