Beat blogs & editing

I’m requiring my editing class this semester to maintain a topical beat blog, where they provide a weekly post with “blog edits.” Much the way a traditional print newspaper wire editor searches the AP wire for the best state, national and world news to share with his or her readers, the students in my editing class are expected to scour the Web and the blogosphere to provide their readers with the best blog posts around.

From alternative healing to alternative cultures, from environment and sustainability to food, the student beat blog editors point you in the right direction to timely blog posts with links to the blogs and short descriptions of what the post is about. Since their interests run the gamut, the beat blogs have something to offer for niche readers across a variety of subjects.

The beat blogs can be accessed below:
*Beats and Carrots

*Healthy Living

*Obatty’s Environment and Sustainability blog

*An Nguyen’s Movies, Movies and more movies!

*Brooke’s Health & Wellness blog

*Lovely Textiles


*Megan Swanson’s Yoga blog

*Tightfivebind (Rugby)

*Misfits: Modern Day Alternative Cultures

*Georgia Bulldawg Football News

*Natural Healing

*Relevant Religion

*Rachel G. Bowers


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