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Crowdsourcing Social Media curriculum

December 11, 2012

I’m excited to be teaching a special topics communications course on Social Media next spring at the University of Hartford, where I’m a Visiting Assistant Professor. I have big things planned. We’ll have some exciting guest speakers.  We’ll take a field trip to a television show.  We’ll engage on social media platforms (create social media). We’ll study social media (scholarship of social media). We’ll learn about how others are using social media (an overview of social media). And we’ll become more literate social media consumers (digital and social media literacy).

We’ll read some danah boyd, some Lee Rainie, some Clay Shirky, some Howard Rheingold.  For about a month or so we’ll flip the classroom. We’ll likely tweet and liveblog and engage in a dialogue about social media on social media platforms. We’ll create a diary of our social media consumption.  It’s going to be a fun, demanding, exhilirating semester.  And it all starts in about a month.

But before we begin that journey I’d like to invite you to go to and offer suggestions that will benefit the class and my students.

Thanks for your input.