About Graybs

Welcome to the blog about Dr. Geoffrey Graybeal (“Graybs”), an entrepreneur, educator, media strategist, scholar, researcher based in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned his Ph.D. in mass communication from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. Please be patient as this site is most definitely a work in progress.  This site will primarily highlight my research and teaching activities.  Thanks for stopping by.

3 Responses to “About Graybs”

  1. Bruce Konkle Says:

    Geoffrey- Glad to learn more about your recent research effort when we were down at Poynter this weekend. I’d like to include a digital copy of your paper in the division’s archives. I don’t see a pdf of it here or I’d grab it. If you could send it to me (Konklebe@mailbox.sc.edu) to your convenience, it would be appreciated. Once everyone begins their own sites as you’ve done here, I might just end up sending out url addresses instead of compiling copies here. Let’s just say that’s still a work in progress.

    Enjoy the new semester.

  2. Taehyun Baek Says:

    Hi, Geoffrey

    I enjoyed browsing your blog. It looks great. You stimulated me to create my own blog. Talk to you later…American Rain…


  3. TJ Says:

    Congratulations, Geoffrey. You are a true patriot of journalism.

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