Select research by Geoffrey M. Graybeal:

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Refereed Journal articles (published)

Graybeal, G.M., Hou, J. & Hernandez-Ojeda, C. (2013). Read, not dead: A case study of #redanddead viral news spread. #ISOJ, the official research journal of the Journal of International Symposium on Online Journalism, 3 (2,) 59-78.

Graybeal, G.M., Sindik, A.R. & Qing, Q (2012). Current print subscribers more likely to pay for online. Newspaper Research Journal, 33 (3): 21-34.

Graybeal, G.M., & Sindik, A.R. (2012). Journalism students and civic engagement: Is there still a connection? Community Journalism, 1 (1): 29-46.

Graybeal, G.M. (2011). Newspapers publish less in print; focus on Web to attract young readers. Newspaper Research Journal, 32 (1): 90-97.

Sindik, A.R. & Graybeal, G.M. (2011). Newspaper micropayments and Millennial Generation acceptance: A brand loyalty perspective. Journal of Media Business Studies, 8(1): 69-85.

Graybeal, G.M & Hayes, J.L. (2011). A modified news micropayment model for newspapers on the social web. International Journal on Media Management, 13 (2), 129- 148. [Available online at]

Hayes, J.L. & Graybeal, G. M. (2011). Synergizing traditional media and social network sites for monetization: A modified media micropayment model. Journal of Media Business Studies, 8 (2), 19-44.

Graybeal, G. (2009, Summer). Want young readers? All it takes is money, time, staff and space: A Resource-Based View of newspapers’ strategies for luring kids and teens to news. Le Journal ESSACHESS (peer-reviewed French journal). Special issue about quality management.

Brickman, P., Glynn, S., & Graybeal, G. (2008). Introducing cases to students. Journal of College Science Teaching . January/February 2008 issue.

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