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Micropayments and the gift of laughter

December 23, 2011

If you are a regular reader of my site, you know that I’m an advocate of micropayments, which are defined as online purchases of $5 or less.  Given the $5 pricing point as the threshold for micropayments, that means that comedian Louis C.K.’s recent DRM-free direct-sales video experiment can be classified as a successful micropayment sale.

One of the biggest backlashes/criticisms/questions my colleague Jameson Hayes and I get about our “Modified News Micropayment Model” (MNMM) and our “Modified Media Micropayment Model” (4M) is about cheating.  In other words, what is to stop people from stealing the content that others must pay for?  Our answer is that microearning is designed to prevent that, but we’re pleased to know that even without microearning, Louis C.K. reports that few people have stolen the video.  Louis C.K. was on Leno (in the video embedded below) talking about his successful micropayment experiment and the lack of people stealing the video (starts around the 2 minute mark).

And if you like Louis C.K. and need a last minute gift idea, I’d recommend the $5 video direct from the comedian.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!