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Social media in journalism

September 22, 2011

Here’s the slides from my presentation on social media in journalism that I delivered this afternoon at the Georgia Scholastic Press Association annual conference. Enjoy!

Stories From and For “Followers” and “Friends”

Teens, Millennials, and Social Media Use/Overall Media Patterns

February 16, 2010

Favorite Tweets about Teens, Millenials and Social Media Use/Overall Media Patterns


RT @USATODAYtech: Growing up with technology, ‘iGeneration’ kids multi-task, connect: Move over, Millennials.


When will the people who are currently teens start using Twitter, and why?


Our newest interactive graphic shows changing patterns of internet use for teens and adults: #millennials


Just posted my slides from this morning’s #ostwg talk chock full ‘o graphs on net use, sns, twitter, blogging by youth


Why younger people like Facebook more than Twitter


RT @zephoria: new Pew data on social media & teens+young adults. (Blogging fading among teens; 8% of teens use Twitter)


FTC launches advertising literacy website for tweens. #medialiteracy


RT @NielsenWire: American teens use 3,146 text messages/month, over 10 mesages every hour they aren’t sleeping/in school.


New Report: Kids Pack 10 3/4 Hours Of Media Content Into 7 1/2 Hours Every Day (full report here


If you are, or you know, any teens in San Jose who wants to contribute to an online magazine for and by teens, DM me. I’ll put you in touch.


Marketing to kids? Disney just released some interesting research stats:


Pew study on millennials says generations are more alike than different: