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Twitter Favorites, Linking is Learning

February 16, 2010

Often times on Twitter, I’ll run across an article about topics I’m interested in: social media, journalism, teenagers, media strategy and so forth and so on. I’ll follow the link, read the article, star it as a favorite, and often retweet it to my followers. I’m constantly marking tweets as favorites to come back to and use at a later date.  I’ll see a tweet linking to a video about social media and think, “this will be perfect to show my Duke TIP digital media course this summer.” Or I’ll run across a tweet about how newspapers, news outlets and journalists are using social media and think “this will be perfect to share with my intro to news writing class.”  Or I might stumble upon a tweet about media monetization and think “I should use this in my scholarly research.”  I mark these items as favorites for later, far off use.

Well, recently the far off use as come.  I’m teaching about social media and journalism in my lab tomorrow, and retooling my Duke TIP digital media course syllabus. So I turned to twitter to re-discover all the nuggets of knowledge I have gleaned recently from Twitter.

The experience was surprising, quite frankly, and in a good way.  I had no idea I had learned so much from Twitter in such a short time frame.  I decided to cull the links and categorize them so that I can share them in aggregate on this blog.

Several hours later, and 17 pages of tweets compiled into a Word document, I decided to call it quits. For now.

The amazing thing is the 17 pages of tweets on topics, ranging from humorous Twitter and Facebook posts to popular culture and interesting reads, are only from the last month and a half!

And I truly do recommend reading or viewing all of them. They’re all great. I’ll post them by categories on this blog (although many of the tweets could fit multiple categories), for your enjoyment.

The Categories for My Top Twitter Links Thus Far in 2010 (Jan. 1- present):

  • Twitter & Facebook (Funny)
  • Social Media: State and Use
  • Social Media as Reporting Tool
  • News/Journalism and Social Media Use
  • Journalism Curriculum, Education, Jobs and Career Development, SM Tools and Tips
  • Teens, Millenials, and Social Media Use/Overall Media Patterns
  • Social Media and Economics, Business Models and Online Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing and Promotion
  • Social Media, Politics and Social Revolutions
  • Popular Culture, Blogs, Interesting Reads, SM Phenomenon